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Anti-Trump Group Plans Miami Protest Against Trump Golf Trips …

An anti-Donald Trump group responsible for a “town hall” U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio skipped out on earlier this year is back with a vengeance, furious with President Donald Trump for slashing the federal budget all while taking pricey trips to golf in his hometown of Palm Beach.

Trump has frequently jetted to Palm Beach to golf at the Mar-a-Lago resort since he  took office in January, much to the chagrin of Democrats and liberal activist groups who say the president is spending more time golfing than governing.

Indivisible Miami is “tee’d off” over the matter and plans to fight back.

The group, composed mainly of grassroots activists in South Florida, plans to hold a rally protesting Trump’s “lavish” trips to Palm Beach to play golf in conjunctionwith slashing the federal budget, effectively cutting off funds to a slew of programs like Meals on Wheels and various nonprofits.

“Are you tee’d off that Trump, a self-declared billionaire, has taxpayers foot the bill for his expensive golf habit?” the group asked. 

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