Teachers, parents protest mask and vaccine rules at UFT headquarters


More than 100 teachers, parents and students protested outside the United Federation of Teachers’ headquarters in Lower Manhattan Saturday, demanding freedom from wearing masks in schools.

Among the speakers was Jenna Miller, an 11-year-old student from Saugerties, NY, who was suspended from her elementary school last week because she refused to wear a mask in class.

“Every time I tried pulling my mask down to get a breath of fresh air, I was constantly yelled at by my teacher,” said Miller, adding that she experienced headaches and nosebleeds from wearing a mask in high heat inside her classroom.

Miller, a BMX racer and hockey player, found that other students at the Cahill Elementary School were suffering from the same problems and demanded the right to take off their masks.

The demonstration was organized by New York Teachers for Choice, a group of teachers and parents who are protesting for freedom of choice when it comes to wearing masks and vaccinations against the coronavirus.

“Our official position is that people should be able to make their own choices regarding masks and vaccines. We have teachers who don’t want to be vaccinated and the UFT is trying to force them.”

At the demonstration, participants shouted “No forced shots, no forced tests, no forced masks!”.

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