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GMB to join McDonald’s protest over zero-hours contracts

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13/01/2016 09:10:59

GMB members will join a protest outside McDonald’s in Whitehall in central London today at 5pm in the campaign for a higher Living Wage, trade union rights for fast food workers and an end to zero hours contracts.

The protest will then be followed by a forum at 6:30pm at the House of Commons with speakers including John McDonnell, shadow chancellor; Ian Hodson, the BFAWU bakers’ union president; Kevin Rowan from the TUC; and fast food workers from the US and UK.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB national officer, said: “Fast food workers are organising and fighting back. In the UK and America fast food workers are forced to live in poverty by multi-national and hugely profitable companies like McDonald’s.

“While McDonald’s has raked in profit at the expense of their workers, they have been exposed as not paying their tax. McDonald’s is in the dock. GMB is inviting the public to join fast food workers in the fight for higher wages, union rights and respect at work.”

US fast food workers have been leading the ‘Fight for $15’ strike movement and UK workers have protested outside a number of fast food outlets in the UK in solidarity with the US workers.

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