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The Protest – Aaron Carty’s Beyonc� Experience

The Protest show – the next level of Aaron’s Beyoncé Experience

From a sleepy town in Ipswich, to the Britain’s Got Talent stage. Aaron Carty’s proved himself to be one fierce diva. Taking on the one and only Beyoncé, Aaron is bringing us a show full of Queen B’s signature moves. With a staggering 34 costume changes and a full on production, this is set to take on the Queen herself.

Now Aaron wasn’t always a Beyoncé tribute act. When he first moved to London he was in the police force for 3 years. Following that he set up his own social campaigns and production company and 7 years in it’s going strong.
Then on a chance opportunity while on holiday in Sitges, Spain. Aaron got the chance to perform in front of 10,000 people and by all accounts, he stole the show and hasn’t looked back since.

Following on from the success of that performance, Aaron started to take things seriously, upped his game and his production budget with it. He went on to audition for Britain’s Got Talent where Aaron wowed the judges and surprised them with his own take on Beyoncé with his full female dance crew. But his proudest moment was performing on Trafalgar Square for Pride in London last June. Performing in front of 12,000 people and on national TV, Aaron closed the show with a (fierce) bang.


The Protest show is the first full show Aaron has done; a combination of 34 Beyoncé songs and video content over two hours along with special guests; complete with iconic Beyoncé costumes, moves and audience participation. It was whilst finding out his fate on Britain’s Got Talent that Aaron first protested. It was revealed that Aaron didn’t make it to the live shows, he said to the judges – “I must protest”… This show is his protest. The Beyoncé impersonator will be dancing along with his full female dance crew, and GOP twins along with cinematic short films, this is a show not to be missed.

The Protest show – is the next level of Aaron’s Beyonce Experience, exclusive to Troxy – January 16, One night Only. Doors Open 6.30pm.

For more information and tickets, head over to the Troxy site here

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