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Protest Goes on Even After UM Cancels Panel with Gov. Snyder and …

Ex-Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr

Nearly 100 people gathered outside Hutchins Hall and marched to the Diag on Tuesday afternoon at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to protest the appearance of Gov. Rick Snyder and former Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr on a panel on Detroit’s bankruptcy hosted by the law school, the Michigan Daily reports.

Interestingly, the law school had decided last week to cancel the panel, but people decided to protest anyway, calling for Snyder’s resignation due to the Flint water crisis, Caitlin Reedy and Riyah Basha report at The Michigan Daily. 

The protesters marched across campus shouting multiple chants including “Flint Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.” The Michigan Daily reported that Snyder was to be on the panel. Michigan Radio reported that the panel was to also include  Kevyn Orr, former U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes and U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Rosen.  

“The Detroit bankruptcy event was postponed because its organizers don’t wish to distract from efforts devoted to higher priorities in the state,” the Law School’s communications director Shelley Rodgers wrote in an e-mail to The Michigan Daily.

Senior Cassandra Van Dam, an Ann Arbor-Flint Solidarity Network organizer, tells The Daily: 

“Snyder is humiliated. It is clear that, had the event gone on, it would have been disrupted and he would have had to answer to the human rights violations that he and his administration have committed against the people of Michigan.”

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