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Rubio ‘Very Concerned’ About Someone Ending Up Dead at Trump …

Marco Rubio said on CNN this morning he is concerned about the toxicity coming out of Donald Trump‘s campaign to the point where he worries about someone dying at a Trump rally protest.

Rubio first told Jake Tapper that the media shares the blame for the toxicity because of its continued insistence on cutting to every single Trump speech live. The end result is that American political discourse, Rubio said, is reduced comments section-style garbage and political candidates as Twitter trolls.

Tapper asked Rubio if he’s concerned about someone losing their life at a Trump protest. He said he’s “very concerned” about that.

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He warned about getting to a place in America where people actively “hate” those with different views and how certain unhinged people might react to certain political messages.

Watch above, via CNN.

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