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Labour suspends activist accused of anti-Semitic messages

The Labour Party has suspended for a second time a member who posted anti-Semitic tweets.

A spokeswoman said: “Vicki Kirby has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.”

Ms Kirby was first suspended in 2014 for making anti-Semitic comments but later reinstated.

She was forced to stand down as an election candidate after tweets including one suggesting Hitler was a “Zionist God”.

It emerged on Monday that since being reinstated Ms Kirby – whose Twitter account has been protected – is now vice-chair of the Labour constituency party in Woking, a development first reported by the Guido Fawkes website. It prompted an angry response from a number of Labour MPs on Twitter.

Following the fresh suspension, Labour MP Wes Streeting said it was “about time” Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee had taken action.

He added: “I’m only sorry it has taken the intervention of scores of Labour MPs, party members ripping up membership cards and a police complaint to prompt it.”

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham told the BBC’s Daily Politics: “From what I have seen, the comments are completely abhorrent.”

Ms Kirby’s latest suspension comes in the wake of the recent expulsion of a far-left activist, Gerry Downing, following criticism of his views about 9/11 and so-called Islamic State.

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