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LGBT activists to protest against Australian Christian Lobby for its …

(Reuters/KHAM)A man is silhouetted on a rainbow flag during a demonstration for LGBT rights

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) advocates are planning to protest the National Conference at Wesley Mission on April 23, which will be hosted by the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

Scott Morrison, Australian Federal Treasurer and Alliance Defending Freedom, will be a guest speaker of this event.


“Speaking alongside Scott Morrison are some of the chief leaders of the American homophobic far right including a representative of the Alliance Defending Freedom whose organization has promoted and defended anti-sodomy laws that criminalise gay sex internationally and who have hatched a large scale campaign to roll back the rights of trans people in America,” Patrick Wright, co-convener of Community Action against Homophobia (CAAH), said, as quoted by Gay News Network.

“Right now, amidst the celebrations of the marriage equality victory, these very people are leading a major backlash against the gains of the LGBT rights movement, with 44 anti-trans bills in 16 states, including legislation where kids are paid to turn in trans students for rewards and outright bans on trans students accessing their own gender’s toilets,” Wright continues.

The ACL was responsible for the campaign to revoke funding and undermine the Safe Schools program. Liberals agreed to completely withdrawing the funding for the anti-bullying program after 2017.

According to the same Gay News Network article, Cat Rose, co-convener of CAAH, said that “the Australian Christian Lobby successfully tore shreds off the Safe Schools program through a campaign of bigotry and fear mongering.”

The ACL are against marriage equality in Australia. They support Christian schools that expel gay students. Being gay is considered by the ACL to be more hazardous than smoking. They also claim that another stolen generation is caused by same-sex parents.

The CAAH is calling for community members to join and protest the conference and its homophobic speakers. “We want to give the ACL and Scott Morrison the protest they deserve,” Rose said, as quoted by Gay News Network.

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