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Boris Johnson protest: Fathers’ rights group climbs on to mayor’s …

Two protesters have been arrested after a stand-off outside Boris Johnson’s London home while the Mayor was inside.

“New Fathers 4 Justice” activists Bobby Smith, who wore an Iron Man costume, and fellow dad Michael Matthews, 48, used a ladder to scale Mr Johnson’s Islington property at around 10.40am.

Both men were arrested at 3.30pm on suspicion of aggravated trespassing and criminal damage.

A 48-year-old man, who was nearby, was also arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespassing and criminal damage.

The group “New Fathers 4 Justice” has no connection to the long established fathers’ rights group, Fathers for Justice Limited, which no longer carries out direct action.

The protesters unfurled two banners, with one reading: “Stop the war on dads.”

Mr Johnson was at home when the protest began but has now left the property.

Speaking from the balcony, Mr Smith, 34, told the Standard that a fire engine had arrived at the scene along with around 10 police, who cordoned off part of the road.

He said: “Boris left at 12.30pm. He didn’t speak to us, he just looked up and got in his car.

“Boris is coming to the end of being the London mayor and he’s going to be Prime Minister at the end of the day.

“That’s why we’ve come here because he’s high-profile.


“But after eight years of being London mayor he hasn’t done anything about fatherlessness.”

The HGV driver, who has been denied access to his two children since 2010 and has carried out a string of similar stunts in the capital, compared his protest to those of the suffragette movement and anti-apartheid groups in South Africa.

He said: “Even if we don’t have a chance ourselves we have to try and protest and change the law.”


Mr Smith added: “We’ll be here quite a few more hours at least.”

Sources at City Hall said they were aware of the protest and that it was a matter for the Metropolitan Police.

Police confirmed they were called to the property at 10.40am this morning to reports of protesters.

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