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Bill Oddie Joins Opencast Coal Mine Protest

Bill Oddie Joins Opencast Coal Mine Protest

Yesterday Bill Oddie joined activists in Northumberland protesting an opencast coal mine. The naturalist and broadcaster attended a beach party and picnic where protestors rallied against proposals for a huge opencast coal mine near Newcastle. Banks Mining, part of the Banks Group, has put forward the proposal.

The event, organised by Save Druridge and supported by Friends of the Earth and other groups, is being held to celebrate Druridge Bay, which is under threat from plans for a huge opencast coal mine that will cause massive environmental destruction next to one of Northumberland’s most beautiful and loved beaches.

The proposal, by Banks Mining, would see up to three million tonnes of coal excavated by 2023 on a site spreading across a square mile of land.

National and local campaigners are opposing the development because the opencast mine would scar the landscape, affect habitats and bird life in the area, impact on tourism and lead to more climate-changing carbon emissions.

Bill Oddie, Naturalist and broadcaster, said: “When I heard that there was a threat of opencast mining in Druridge Bay I honestly thought it had to be a rather sick April Fool’s Day prank. Heaven knows, we are used enough to having to combat new developments, but this is a grotesque step back to the bad old days. It is a matter of history that opencast mining was responsible for the major desecration of this part of Northumberland.

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