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The Koch Brothers Protest Trump’s Rhetoric By Yanking Money …

David Koch, one of the largest funders of the 2012 GOP Convention and head of a donor network that will contribute nearly a half-billion dollars to the 2016 presidential race, has pulled his funds from the 2016 convention. According to Koch, Trump’s “unacceptable” comments about a judge’s Mexican heritage was the line overstepped that led to him pulling the funds. However, Koch also funded many of Trump’s opponents in the 2016 Republican Primaries, and Trump thinks that’s the real reason the Kochs are backing out.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Trump made a response that may actually make his followers and people on the other side of the aisle happy.

“The nice thing is, I don’t want or need their money or support. They were very upset when the people they were supporting were soundly defeated by yours truly, but I think the American public will be happy to know that the Koch brothers will not have influence over a Trump administration or the lives of the American people.”

Trump and his people plan on meeting with Koch representatives to reportedly find “common ground,” but even with the Koch’s putting their foot down on Trump’s rhetoric, a reported $57 million of the $64 million needed to run the GOP’s convention has been raised.

“They were backing other candidates, total puppets for them. So I fully understand their unhappiness and why they wouldn’t want to be involved with me.”

With Bernie Sanders more than likely effectively eliminated from Democratic Primary, Trump is no doubt looking to scoop up some of the independents that can be swayed his way in the #NeverHillary movement. Will Trump’s denouncing of the Kochs, who have long been in the crosshairs of Bernie Sanders help bolster Trump?

On the other hand, it takes a lot to make a Koch the hero of a political story. Donald Trump has potentially done this.

(via Bloomberg)

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