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'Baton Rouge has turned into Syria' Footage captures terrifying …

Violent clashes have escalated between police and Black Lives Matter protesters as tense fallout from the publication of police brutality videos and the Dallas attack continues. 

Hundreds of people have been arrested as demonstrations against police swept across the US on Sunday night.

Horrific footage, uploaded by 22-year-old Elizabeth Thomas on Twitter, captured the intense confrontations between the public and police.

A video, titled ‘BATON ROUGE HAS TURNED INTO SYRIA’, saw the police crackdown on protests in the city where Alton Sterling, 37, was killed by police last week.

The escalation follows the shootings of Mr Sterling as well as Philando Castile, 32, who was killed by a police officer in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. 

In the same week, a gunman, named as Afghanistan war veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, killed five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas.

In the Baton Rouge video, demonstrators accused police of charging at those who were peacefully assembled on private property with permission. 

However, officers told the crowds they were no longer holding peaceful demonstrations.

The only violent people were the police

Elizabeth Thomas

The woman behind the footage, Elizabeth Thomas, told CBC News officers in riot gear threatened protesters with tear gas when they assembled on a woman’s yard with her permission.

She said: “Then all of the sudden the police attack us for no reason. The only violent people were the police.

“The world needed to see how the police claim they protect and serve us in Louisiana.”

The video has been retweeted more than 11,000 times and sees police officers try to break up the demonstration.

Baton Rouge police took 50 people into custody, bringing the weekend arrest total in the state capital to over 160. 


In an atmosphere of heightened racial tension, and amid growing debate over the seeming militarisation of American police, one photo has stood out.

The photograph, taken by Jonathan Bachman, shows a woman standing in front of Baton Rouge police and has already been called iconic.

The young woman in a dress stands calmly in front of two police officers wearing layers of armour. 

Reuters said the woman in the photo, which was taken on Saturday, was later detained, but little more is known about her and she has not yet been named.

New Orleans

Baton Rouge resident Tyler Jones, 16, said the recent violence has been “scary”.

He said: “I feel like the cops are being intimidating in a way and at the same time, they’re looking for a reason to take us out.”

Lakeema Remo, 23, added: “I actually am scared, because I have a brother and I have a boyfriend. And if they get pulled over, what’s going to happen?

“I stay in the house. Who wants to go out and not know what’s going to happen?”

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