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Exeter Momentum to protest against Theresa May

Exeter Corbynistas will be protesting against the appointment of Theresa May in the city centre on Saturday.

Members of the grassroots organisation Momentum are inviting others to join them in Bedford Square at 12pm.

Around 40 members of the Jeremy Corbyn group met at the City Gate on Tuesday evening.

The Exeter branch of Momentum, who are attempting to rally support for Corbyn locally, did not wish to comment on Ben Bradshaw’s comments yesterday.

The politician called for Jeremy Corbyn to “call off these Momentum thugs”.

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The national account for Momentum hit out in response to Bradshaw’s comments, writing: “Your comments were not just factually incorrect but a divisive and vile smear. We will be seeking legal advice.”

Whoops and cheers were heard at the City Gate as it was announced by a member that Mr Corbyn would automatically be added to the ballot in the next Labour leadership contest.

Sarah Krys, branch secretary, said: “It is only democratic that Jeremy Corbyn, elected last year by an overwhelming majority, should be on the ballot.”

Andrew Duncan, who volunteers at the group as a data manager, said: “Britain faces more years of austerity from this Tory government.

“We have low wages and a housing crisis, young people find it next to impossible to get a decent place to live.

“Only the progressive policies of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn offer an alternative to this austerity of the Tory government.”

He said the changes to membership costs and cut off dates could have an impact on the result of the leadership election.

Mr Duncan added: “We look forward to a Labour Party leadership campaign based on policies, not personalities.

“We want a clean campaign and will stand against all forms of bullying and intimidation.”

Corbyn supporters are invited to join them at midday in Bedford Square.

A spokesman for the group said: “We will also be rallying support for Jeremy Corbyn in the local Labour Party.”

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