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Letter: Colehill residents should protest about waste plan

It is very stressful living in the quarries at Colehill as I feel the Council are constantly trying to take our local woodlands away from us.

They talked about a Gypsy camp, then quarrying and now a Waste Disposal Unit at Uddens that would have a 40 metre chimney blowing carcinogenic material over the Colehill area.

Besides contamination from the chimney there would be rats, flies and smell especially in warm weather.

Also we all know about the traffic on the A31 at weekends, and on many Fridays the road is blocked from the Ringwood direction for miles, so prospective users of the waste site must either add to the traffic or drive through Colehill to Uddens by the back route adding to the to the already over busy roads. This together with 600 extra houses on the outskirts of Wimborne and their need for waste disposal makes me feel despair at the lack of care for the inhabitants of Wimborne by the council. What are they up to?

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What is the council trying to do to Wimborne – destroy it altogether? I do hope people will write and complain, quickly, to mwdf@dorsetcc.gov.uk or write to Minerals and Waste Policy Team, Environmental Services, County Hall, Colliton, Dorchester, Dorset

DT1 1XJ, quoting reference WPO1

Come on Colehill residents, action is needed now!

A Kernan

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