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New Croatian monument already the subject of paint protest

One hand of a contentious statue of Miro Barešić, who is known for killing a Yugoslav ambassador in 1971 and died fighting in the Croatian War of Independence, has been painted blood red in an apparent act of protest.

The monument, which is located in Croatia’s Dalmatian town of Drage, was defaced just a week after its inauguration. It is believed that Antifa Šibenik, a local group that advocates anti-fascism and equality, are responsible for the action. The group wrote on Facebook that the controversial statue had finally been “completed”.

Mr Barešić, who died in action in 1991, divides opinion in the region. The Antifa Šibenik group has described him as an “Ustaša killer”, referring to the Croatian fascist and ultranationalist organisation Ustaša which was active between 1929 and 1945. The Serbian and Montenegrin authorities also responded negatively to the erection of the statue, sending notes to the Croatian government condemning their decision to establish a monument to a “terrorist”.

Others revere him a patriotic figure who fought for an independent Croatia.

“Miro Barešić is one of the greatest Croatian patriots whose work and sacrifice we have to respect,” Croatian War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved stated at the inauguration ceremony.


Source: Balkan Insight

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