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Ken Loach and a Socialist seller join Sisters Uncut protest

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From The Socialist newspaper, 31 August 2016

The Spirit of ’45, directed by Ken Loach, photo Ken Loach   (Click to enlarge)

Nick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The Spirit of ’45, a film by renowned filmmaker Ken Loach was shown recently at a small local theatre in North Newcastle-upon-tyne.

I decided to sell copies of the Socialist outside but after ten minutes when I was told I was unwelcome and had to stand well-away. He seemingly didn’t recognise any irony and could have passed as a security guard in Ken’s latest film ‘I Daniel Blake’.

I continued selling the paper and was joined by over 20 women from an organisation called Sisters Uncut. They too were told to “shift themselves”.

They were protesting about the potential closure of the local Women’s Aid service, a charity which has done vital work for over 40 years, and saved countless lives.

This was their first organised protest in the area, some of the women carried flowers, others placards or banners, and they gave a sombre roll-call of 81 victims of domestic homicide in the UK in the past year, clearly showing the needs of the refuge are undiminished.

There was also plenty of chanting: “Where’s the spirit of ’45?” and “What if Cathy can’t go home?”

Sometime later, Ken Loach himself, who had been doing a question and answer session in the venue, came out to greet us and joked he’d thought he was being picketed! He inquired about Sisters Uncut, wished us well and bought a copy of the Socialist.

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