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Kate Upton slams NFL players kneeling in anti-racism protest on 9/11

Kate Upton has slammed a group of NFL players as “horrific” for kneeling during the National Anthem on the anniversary of September 11.

The model, 24, criticised four Miami Dolphins players who refrained from standing at a match on Sunday in protest against racial injustice in the US.

The players were supporting Colin Kaepernick who refused to “stand and show pride” for a country that oppresses people of colour at a match in August.

Upton said the protest is “unacceptable” because citizens should feel “truly blessed” to live in the US.

In a series of tweets the Sports Illustrated model wrote: “This is unacceptable. You should be proud to be an American.

“Especially on 9/11 when we should support each other.

“Protest and speak your mind whenever you want but during the 120 seconds you should support the people who protect our freedom (sic).”

Upton faced a backlash online and was accused of missing the point.

Some argued that kneeling does not mean they are not proud to be Americans while others accused Upton of hypocrisy for not treating the US flag with respect and instead wearing it as a bikini.

Upton posted a picture of the Miami Dolphin players in a bid to defend her claims and argued their decision to kneel was a “disgrace to those people who have served and currently serve our country”.

She claimed President Obama proved that opportunities are available to all US citizens and said the “lessons of 911 should teach us that if we come together, the world can be a better and more peaceful place”. 

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