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'Tent city' homeless protest moved after court order

A protest against the treatment of homeless people in Leeds has moved on after participants were issued with a court order yesterday.

What was dubbed “tent city” has moved from outside Leeds Art Gallery to Park Square, freeing up the area to be used in a homecoming parade for the Rio Olympic and Paralympic athletes tomorrow.

Despite the move though, the organiser of the protest says it is growing in strength, with seventy people now protesting, up from 45.

Some of these tents are doubled up. You’ve got two people in tents, even in one man tents you’ve got two people and numbers are just getting bigger each day. People are leaving hostels because obviously they’re getting assaulted, they’re getting harassed and people are starting to come here because it’s a safer environment for them. This is manned twenty-four hours a day, this.

– Hayden Lee Leeds Homeless Action Group

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