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Frustrated Southern Passengers To Protest

A London train terminal is on track for a collision course with Sussex commuters later tonight (Thursday 29th September)

Frustrated rail users are holding a demo at Victoria over months of disruption on the Southern network.

It’s been organised by a group who have launched a legal challenge over the Government’s handling of the fiasco.

Emily Yates from the Association of British Commuters says the problems seem never ending. She said:

“It goes on, and that adds an extra level of insult to the fact our Government won’t be accountable. It’s unprecidented and the rail crisis of the generation.”

A plea has gone out on Facebook for commuters to join the protest.

It says:

“We will be gathering in the main concourse at London Victoria to send a message to the Department for Transport that we stand together in demanding transparency in what has been a major rail crisis that has had a massive impact on so many rail users including job losses, relocation, general daily stress and anxiety and much much more.”

It’s been organised by the same commuter group who are launching a legal challenge against the Government’s handling of the crisis.

Emily added that the Department for Transport is not being transparent.

“It’s a very simple request for documents that are absolutely vital in assessing whether Govia has been meeting the requirements of the franchise. It’s a basic document that  analysts have been calling for for months and the request isn’t being met by the Department for Transport.”

Article Published: 8:40am 29th September 2016
(Updated 11:08am 29th September 2016)

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