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Rival Protest Groups Clash Outside Anti-Defamation League

HOUSTON, TX — Members of the White Lives Matter movement protested outside the Anti-Defamation League on Saturday, and were met by counter-protests from Black Lives Matter.

“They labeled us a hate group, they didn’t label the Black Lives Matter a hate group,” White Lives Matter member Scott lacy told KHOU-11. “That’s why we are here today, to protest the Anti-Defamation League.”

The White Lives Matter movement claims the Anti-Defamation League has failed to label Black Lives Matter a hate group despite what they call the support and promotion of violence against white people.

Police stood between both groups to keep the peace, which were also separated by about 50 feet of space, and a metal barricade.

“We are here to counter their arguments,” said Ashton P. Woods, an organizer of the counter-protest. “[White Lives Matter] can insult us all they want. What remains is they are white supremacist, they are racist, and they need to go.”

The counter-protest consistently, and often significantly, outnumbered the White Lives Matter demonstration throughout the afternoon.

The Anti-Defamation League released the following statement on Saturday’s protest:

“White Lives Matter has the right to demonstrate, but we want to make sure people understand that many of its members also belong to other white supremacists groups and their message is a hateful one. We feel confident the people of Houston will see it for what it is, and reject it.”

White Lives Matter was criticized for its display of firearms and symbols many pointed to as representative of known hate groups.

White Lives Matter has repeatedly denied any affiliation with other existing organizations, and that they have strived to change their presentation.

At least one protester from the Black Lives Matter movement jumped the police barricade to confront the White Lives Matter group.

“They don’t deserve to be here,” Gregory Chatman told KRIV, who complied when police escorted him back across the barricade. “People are dying. I take this very seriously. Black people are dying, and it’s not ok.”

While there was a lot of shouting, and some protesters even carrying weapons, police said there were no fights and no arrests made.

Image: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr

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