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College students protest Trump deportation plans

MIDDLEBURY — About 400 Middlebury College students, faculty and staff joined college students around the country in holding campus demonstrations calling for school administrators to protect students and employees against immigration proceedings under Donald Trumps presidency.

Police and school officials escorted the students along city streets to ensure their safety.

The protest was largely peaceful, though one man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, and another participant was cited for spitting on someone, SDPD spokesman Tony Martinez said. He also called on students to listen more and to not immediately discredit opposing viewpoints. Students have said that because they could not vote on November 8, they wanted their voices to be heard through public protests.

Portland police tweeted that impact to traffic was minor. The students marched despite a large red sign hanging near the front door advising students not to walk out but to “Walk in”. Chris Jones, a history teacher at private school Edmund Burke School, where an estimated 30 percent of students walked out, said he was “proud” of his students.

The students in D.C. joined others across the country who have protested since Trump’s victory in the November 8 election. Obama said he was “encouraged” by the wide-ranging conversation the pair had, adding that it’s important “we call come together” to face the challenges America faces.

“We will not accept Trump’s sexism, racism, his put-down of LGBT folks”, one student told ABC7 as she marched.

“I’m just here to watch the protest go on, just want to see how it goes, not really support my fellow Penn Staters, but just see how everything goes”, said Thomas.

The students who walked out of class were considered absent. Normally students would be docked 1% on their overall grade for skipping school.

“The Metropolitan Police Department will ensure all protests are handled in a professional and safe manner”, police spokesperson Karimah Bilal said.

FOX 5 spoke to kids as young as 11 who attend DC International School and were participating in the protest. All students who missed class today will be marked as absent for the period of time they were not in class.

In New York City, several hundred high school and college students marched down Fifth Avenue in the afternoon. They were orderly and stayed in special areas set up by the NYPD.

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