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Trump supporters order '#TrumpCups' Starbucks in protest of …

The latest controversy to go down with Starbucks might just cause a spike in sales across the country. 

Protesters are ordering their coffee using the name ‘Trump’ so baristas will have to shout the last name of the president-elect when their drink is ready. 

The protest is allegedly against people ‘discriminating against Republicans’ and was started by Trump supporter and actor Scott Baio, according to Yahoo News

A hashtag #TrumpCup began to circulate on Twitter and a video of a barista calling the police after a man asked for Trump’s name to be written on his cup went viral, causing the phenomenon to increase. 

Another video of a man shouting ‘Trump’ at a barista when he felt his drink order was taking too long added fuel to the fire. 

Now, dozens of people are taking pictures of their Starbucks drink with the name ‘Trump’ written on it in protest of the alleged discrimination.

But many have pointed out the protest is actually just padding the wallets of Starbucks and their CEO Howard Schultz, who openly backed Hillary Clinton. 

Some have said the act is less of a protest and more of a statement – but either way, it’s a controversy that hasn’t seemed to hurt the coffee giant financially.  

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