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The new �5 note creator says the protest over beef content is 'stupid'

There’s been a big row about the UK’s new £5 notes.

Vegans and some religious groups are angry because they contain animal products, but one of the inventors has called their protests “stupid”.

Crayons, cosmetics and candles are just some of the items which can contain tallow.

That’s according to the animal rights group Peta which also says some margarine contains the rendered beef fat.

Tallow is traditionally known for its nourishment but some claim it might cause eczema.


“It’s stupid. It’s definitely stupid”

Professor David Solomon, who was on the original inventing team, spoke to Australian radio station 2GB in an interview about the new style notes which were first introduced in Australia nearly 30 years ago.

The presenter asked him “is that the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life?”

To which Solomon responded, “yeah, it’s stupid. It’s definitely stupid”.

This follows a tweet from the Bank of England which confirmed that the new style notes contained a trace of tallow.


And a petition, which has now been signed by over 100,000 people, is asking for the Bank of England to “cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use”.

Professor Solomon laughed about it in the interview.

“If there was any tallow in there at all it’s buried in there – but there’ll be trivial amounts.”

£5 note in drink

The new style note “picks up less drugs”

Solomon explained the benefits of the polymer note – the first of which he says was made in 1972.

“It’s more difficult to forge and it’s much more durable. The other thing is it picks up less drugs and you don’t chop down trees for it.

“So if you’re looking at the purity of the note, it’s purer and and more hygienic than a paper note.”

Tallow makes the notes “less-static”

Innovia Films supplies the Bank of England with the notes and Patricia Potts, a spokeswoman for the company, spoke to CNN.

“A supplier had used tallow to help make the material more “anti-static.”

“They are looking to eliminate that, but obviously that will take time, it’s a very difficult process.”

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