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Coloradans, others remain at Dakota Access Pipeline protest site

CANNON BALL, ND — Even though the Army Corps of Engineers ruled that the Dakota Access Pipeline will not pass near the site of the Sioux’s Standing Rock Reservation, countless Coloradans remain on site.

“It’s good we made some sort of progress but I never take anything as a victory,” Cosmetic Duarte, who is from Denver, said.

“I don’t trust a word from those people,” Duarte said.

Many are staying until they know for sure it will not be built.

Some like Weston Marlatt are skeptical that President-elect Donald Trump will reverse the decision once he assumes office.

Marlatt is camping here  from Hygiene, Colorado and is one of many who has endured violence.

“We were tear gassed multiple times, I was shot with three rubber bullets and two lead shot bean bags,” Marlatt said.

Perhaps of the hundreds of Coloradans remaining at Standing Rock, Rodney Wabashaw embodies the sacrifice that is on display here.

Wabashaw sold everything he had in Greeley and moved to Standing Rock with his four kids.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” Wabashaw said.

“It’s about protecting the water, it’s about keeping it going for the next generation Wabashaw said.

Meanwhile in the City of Bismarck, many are disgusted with the nearby protests — believing the Obama administration rewarded lawlessness by stopping the project.

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