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Wieners Rush Red Carpet To Protest Australia's 'Sausage Fest' Film …

A group of women filmmakers wearing sausage costumes rushed the red carpet at one of Australia’s most prestigious screen awards to protest a lack of female nominees this year.

Sixteen members of the Women in Film and Television New South Wales chapter chanted “end the sausage party” on the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards red carpet Wednesday, interrupting live broadcastings of the event.

In the SBS World News Facebook Live video below, you can see protesters chanting and handing out flyers about their demonstration. Then one demonstrator yells,“Sausage roll!” That prompts all the protesters to drop to the floor and roll around the carpet.  

Protesters shouted out, “Gender roles not sausage rolls!” as security escorted activists off the red carpet, onlookers reported. One video that the Guardian’s Steph Harmon posted to Twitter appears to show a guard aggressively pushing a demonstrator. But WIFT member and sausage party protestor Tyler Kroker said the group was not surprised by the response. 

“None of the protestors were significantly roughed up, we were pushed around,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post. “You know, I think that the adrenaline meant that we didn’t really pay too much attention.”

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