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Mass. Electors: Push for Clinton Win Isn't Likely to Work

Members of the Electoral College are expected to select Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, but that didn’t stop more than a hundred protesters at the State House.

The group is calling on members of the Electoral College to reconsider their decision. Spokesperson Elizabeth Weinbloom says their message to those electors is, “History is watching.”

Weinbloom is looking to spread the word.

“To show support for electors across the country who are brave enough and patriotic enough to vote against Trump,” Weinbloom said. 

Mass. Electors: Push for Clinton Win Isn’t Likely to Work

The demonstraters are coming together despite the Commonwealth’s already pledged support for Hillary Clinton. 

Since Clinton lost the electoral votes but won the popular vote, her supporters have been pleading with all 538 electors to put her in office over Trump. 

This solution isn’t expected to work. With the exception of one Texas elector, all those who planned to vote for Trump don’t appear to have changed their minds. 

We spoke to two of the 11 electors in Massachusetts, who say there is no chance Trump’s win will be taken away. 

“She will not have enough electors to win,” said Paul Yorkis, one of eleven electors in Massachusetts. 

While they will vote for Clinton, they fully expect Trump to get the votes. 

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