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DAPL protest price tag at $22.3 million

Morton County points to August 10th as the day it began diverting resources to the pipeline protest.

Although considered de-escalated, that makes this the 154th consecutive day of response.

In that time, 91 different agencies from North Dakota have provided support for policing the protests.

An additional nine states have sent resources from 33 different agencies, some coming from as far away as Louisiana.

As of the beginning of this week, 581 people have been arrested and 556 were labeled as protesters.

More than 94-percent of those people are not from North Dakota.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association says 10 livestock have been killed and an additional 30 cows are missing and two more are injured.

The North Dakota State Game and Fish Department says three poaching investigations are taking place tied to the protest area.

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services says there are currently between 50 and 75 abandoned cars or structures at the camp.

The largest number from Morton County is $22.3 million.

That’s the latest overall cost estimate to state and local taxpayers.

You could also tally up the cost in the number of hours officers have worked.

The figure will soon eclipse $200,000

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