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Neighbors protest expansion of gravel pit and asphalt plant

Neighbors on the west side of the valley united today to continue protesting for their heath. It’s in connection to an ongoing battle with a Wells Cargo gravel pit and asphalt plant.

Protesters gathered Saturday on the corner of Spring Mountain Road and Tenaya Way to send another message to the Wells Cargo.

They say their continued exposure to the dust and particles from the plant and gravel pit is unacceptable.

“I’ve been living here for almost eight years and it’s impacting the whole family. My son is ten years old and he has asthma. We’re talking every day, every second we’re breathing,” said Nadia Adam, who is protesting Wells Cargo.

Since October, protestors gathered several times. They’ve been fighting Wells Cargo’s attempt to expansion.

While the company’s expansion doesn’t look like it will get past the county right now, the community says they’re going to continue urging local officials to keep an additional plant out of their backyards.

Several neighbors say they have filed a complaint regarding the illegal use of one of the sites out here with the Clark County Public Response Office.

Families say this has gone on long enough and they’re fed up with dust and allergens blowing into their yards and homes.

In an email from the county, District F liaison Mike Shannon says that Wells Cargo’s zoning application for a new plant will not be heard at the upcoming county commissioners meeting.

Neighborhood leaders say they feel this is a win, but they still have a long fight ahead. They want Wells Cargo to address the dust and pollutants that they’re being exposed to every day.

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