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CSUSB students plan anti-Trump protest Friday

SAN BERNARDINO >> Mere hours after Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Cal State San Bernardino students will be letting him know they’re not happy with him.

Members of the CSUSB chapter of Students for Quality Education will be protesting on campus at 1 p.m. Friday. Trump is scheduled to be sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

“Let the country know that we will not passively accept the policies of a Trump administration!” the description on the protest’s Facebook Event page reads. “We must organize ourselves as students to fight for our best interests. Silence is complacency!”

This is not the first anti-Trump protest on CSU campuses. Those started on Nov. 9, the day after he was elected. The president-elect’s avowed tough stance on immigration has won him few points with university officials as well. At the November meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees, Chancellor Timothy White said university police would not honor hold requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We’re primarily concerned with the quality of our school and how Trump’s presidency is going to impact us as students. Are we going to see cutting of funds for public schools and the raising of tuitions, that’s what we have a problem with,” said Andrey Ushakov, one of the protest organizers and a CSUSB Computer Science major. “Students have also expressed their own concerns, like the threatening of minorities and suppression of expression.”

Students for Quality Education, which will be 10 years old this year, was formed with the help of the California Faculty Association, which represents the CSU’s professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches. The organization is largely focused on keeping tuition costs down.

As of mid-afternoon Monday, eight people are listed as planning to attend, while 42 more are listed as “interested.”

Ushakov expects that number to grow, especially when students see protests occurring across the country on Friday.

“We think we’re going to have a sizable number of people there,” he said. “Last protest we had, we had about 200 people there.”

Gov. Jerry Brown’s recently released budget proposal would increase CSU spending by $158 million, but university officials say the annual increase doesn’t cover the cost of other needed programs. Higher tuitions are expected to result.

Friday’s protest takes place at 1 p.m. outside the Santos Manuel Student Union at Cal State San Bernardino.


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