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Legal system target of Derby dad Charles Hirons's dirty protest with …

A dad who sprayed dirt at a Derby court said it was a protest against the “terrible” legal system.

Businessman Charles Hirons bought a farm muck spreader and used it to cover with soil the steps of Derby Crown Court, which also houses the county court.

Mr Hirons said his one-man protest on Tuesday morning was sparked by a legal dispute lasting years.

He said he was left tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket when a solicitors’ practice suddenly closed down. He said he has been trying to get recompense since but has had no joy.

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He was arrested for criminal damage after the incident which happened at around 7am yesterday morning in Morledge.

He said: “What I did is based on 28 years of persecution by the legal system. When I arrived there, I stopped anybody getting in the way of harm.”

Mr Hirons, of Draycott, said he taped off the area he was going to spray, and warned the public to stay back. “My first thought was people’s safety,” he said.

“People are being let down in this country. People are being ignored, people who are the backbone of the city.

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“I was the working man making myself heard. The legal system is failing miserably. The justice system has constantly let me down. I have been fighting a war against them for years.”

Landowner Mr Hirons said he bought the muck spreader last week. He said he did not want to borrow one because he thought it would be seized immediately afterwards. “When I did what I did this morning I knew I would be arrested straight away.”

Workers from the Derby City Council Streetpride team cleaned up the dirt within hours of it being dumped.

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Mr Hirons said he would pay the money that was spent by the authority clearing up the mess.

He described the way he was treated by officers who took him to St Mary’s Wharf police station as “very good”. He said: “They were fine and I was treated well and with respect.”

Mr Hirons has been told by police that while he is on bail he cannot return to Morledge. However, this has upset him because it is where Mc Turk Kebabs is.

He said: “That is my favourite kebab place. I love going there, their kebabs are great and proper.”

A spokesman for the police said a man has been released on bail while an investigation continues and they consult with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Witnesses are asked to call the police on 101.

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