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Inauguration protest planned in Milwaukee: “We want to vocalize our …

MILWAUKEE — Protests are being planned across the country, including here in Milwaukee as President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches. A group will meet in Milwaukee’s Red Arrow Park on Friday, January 20th.

Red Arrow Park has been the site of many protests in Milwaukee, and it’ll be the setting for an inauguration day march. Organizers said it will be similar to protests after the election.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee police said they’re prepared.

After the election on November 4th, protesters voiced their displeasure with President-elect Trump in downtown Milwaukee.

The group behind that protest is planning to speak out once again, as President-elect Trump takes the oath of office.

“Our goal is to prevent attacks against women, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ folks,” Maricela Aguilar Monroy with the Coalition Against Trump said.

Friday’s protest will mark the second march organized by this coalition.

“We want to vocalize our resistance against the Trump agenda. We are fully within our constitutional rights to do that, and so we are expecting a peaceful march as well,” Monroy said.

During November’s protest, there were no major incidents.


“There were no arrests. Nobody got hurt, and that`s what we`re fully expecting this time around,” Monroy said.

Police are preparing, however.

Anti-Trump protest in Milwaukee after November election

MPD officials told FOX6 News in a statement: “Milwaukee police are planning for potential demonstrations related to Friday’s presidential inauguration. MPD will have adequate resources on hand to monitor these demonstrations and ensure public safety.”

MPD statement on planned inauguration day protest

Protesters said in the past, they’ve had a good relationship with law enforcement.

“They were there to make sure we were able to take the march we wanted to take,” Monroy said.

In the past, police have focused on traffic control during protests.

Anti-Trump protest in Milwaukee after November election

Organizers said they plan to start at Red Arrow Park and then march around the city — with different speeches planned.

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