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EDL co-founder planning Bristol protest march over death of man …

High profile right wing leader Tommy Robinson is planning protest march in Bristol over the death of a man who attacked a mosque in the city with bacon.

Kevin Crehan, 35, died in Horfield Prison while serving a 12-month sentence for tying bacon to the door handles of the Jamia Mosque in Totterdown.

He was convicted in July last year with three others after racist abuse was also shouted at a worshipper.

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The police said that Mr Crehan’s death the day after Boxing Day was not suspicious and was being treated as a “sudden death”.

An inquest will not be held until an investigation into Mr Crehan’s death has been completed.

Rumours circulated on social media that Mr Crehan from Knowle had been killed or attacked.

Mr Robinson, co-founder of the English Defence League (EDL) has claimed in a tweet that Mr Crehan’s death was a result of “political correctness”.

In another tweet, he said he is still “infuriated about what has happened”.

The march will be under the banner of the EDL “as Kevin loved the EDL”.

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A poll on Twitter shows that of 1,200 EDL followers, 70% are in favour of taking part in a march.

Another tweet says the march will be to the mosque in Totterdown.

Mr Robinson led the EDL for four years until 2013 when he was persuaded to leave the organisation and find other ways to express his views.

Two years ago, he became involved with Pegida UK, an off-shoot of the German-based organisation which aims to counter the “Islamisation of our countries”.

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