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Campaigners to hold protest in Long Eaton against HS2

Campaigners in Long Eaton who are opposed to the Government HS2 high speed rail service coming through their town are gearing themselves up to protest at a consultation this weekend.

The Stop HS2 Erewash group has vowed to protest outside the meeting which takes place at West Park, Long Eaton on Saturday.

The group, made up of town residents, held a heated meeting on Wednesday night where they discussed, among other items, how to create a counter-argument to the plan for the line to run through parts of Erewash.

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And they have vowed that this will begin at this weekend’s consultation when members of the public get an opportunity to speak to experts and delegates behind the controversial proposal.

Speaking at the meeting, chairman of Stop HS2 Erewash, Dave Shipman said: “I want to be convinced this is a brilliant idea and will benefit my daughter.

“I want it to be success and for her, when she is 18, to whizz to London on a high speed train and get a job out of it.

“There is nothing that I have read or heard that leads me to think that way. In fact, it is the opposite of that. It is ill thought-out, ill-conceived and will only be detrimental to the people of Long Eaton.”

Brent Poland, from Stop HS2 Erewash, told the meeting: “I spoke to our MP Maggie Throup and asked her what type of jobs HS2 would bring to Erewash and she could not give me a definitive answer.

“Her attitude was almost ‘if we build it they will come’ and that seems to be the whole strategy.

“The industrial heritage in this area will be gone, they are playing with people’s lives in the hope they can get away with it. Well, I don’t like people who bully people and treat them like second class citizens, I want to see the fighting spirit that Long Eaton has.”

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More than 40 people attended the meeting which was held at Hill’s bar at the Railway, in Station Street, Long Eaton, reported the Derby Telegraph.

They have agreed to go to Saturday’s consultation, which runs from 10am and will be similar to a recent one held for residents in nearby Kegworth.

The Government announced its preferred route for the proposed HS2 railway in November, and is consulting on the property compensation and assistance schemes proposed for people affected by the plans.

The information events are designed to help answer queries from local people about how the proposals may affect each householder. As part of the plan, a station will be built at Toton Sidings, which is west of Toton, south of Stapleford, and to the north and east of Long Eaton. It is just over a mile from junction 25 of the M1, between Nottingham and Derby.

Phase 1 is due to open in December 2026 and will see trains travel between London and Birmingham, before running on from Birmingham on the existing West Coast Main Line.

Phase 2 has two separate parts. Phase 2a from the West Midlands to Crewe will launch in 2027. And phase 2b – from Crewe to Manchester, and also from the West Midlands to Leeds, South Yorkshire and the East Midlands – will open in 2033. The latter is the section coming through parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

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