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Trump's Worst Fear Comes True As Obama Returns To Support …

The worst fear of President Trump and his party has come true. Former President Obama has returned to the public eye to encourage protesters to exercise their constitutional right to assemble, and he also criticized Trump’s Muslim ban.

Through a spokesperson former President Obama said:

President Obama called Trump’s ban what it really is. Discrimination based on religion.

The one thing that the will drive the deeply insecure Trump nuts is having his very popular predecessor return to encourage the protest against him and criticize his policies.

President Obama probably would have been happy to stay in quiet retirement for a little while longer, but the actions of the Trump administration compelled him to speak out publicly. In his final address, Obama promised that he wasn’t leaving, that he would stand with the American people as a citizen and continue the fight.

The message is clear. Obama is back, and he is using his ample platform to encourage dissent and speak out for what is right. Barack Obama has gone from fighting for the American people from the Oval Office to standing alongside them as a private citizen.

The Obama coalition is alive and well, and their leader is back to speaking out.

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