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An anonymous 'signpost activist' highlights Ceredigion's unused …

When an international artist and silent activist travelled on the A484 from Newcastle Emlyn to Llangeler he noticed eight new road sign posts had been erected by Carmarthenshire County Council.

On the same stretch of road there were already four already empty signposts, none of which were used to mount the new signs.

“Why couldn’t the council have used the four empty sign posts already on the road that are located near the new ones?” the anonymous sign erector asked when speaking to the Tivy-Side.

“But these are left empty.”

“These grey sticks are eye-sores and visual litter.

“The empty ones should be taken away if they no longer have a function or are not needed anymore.”

The activist, who wants to remain anonymous, creates creative colourful signs to be placed on empty signposts left unused by local authorities, to draw attention to the fact that they are empty.

A year since the Tivy-side first included an article on the increasing number of empty signposts in the county, the activist says that Carmarthenshire County Council seems to be increasing its number of empty signposts for no apparent reason.

More have appeared in the Pencader/Llanllwni area and 15 in between Carmarthen and Kidwelly.

He says that the empty signposts need to be in use or removed.

“If they are there, use them. If not, take them down. Carmarthenshire County Council says that they will be used in the future, when is that future?

“Google Streetview shows that the majority of these signposts have been empty for at least five years.

“The Council is saying one thing and doing another. What is going on?” added the activist.

“They removed one of my pieces of art work the other day of a clown with hair like Donald Trump.

“People like seeing them and I’m only doing it to highlight the fact that we live here because it’s beautiful and an empty post blots the landscape.

“I have counted and documented more than 100 empty signposts in Carmarthenshire alone and that number seems to be increasing.

“I realise that the brand new ones are for the new speed limits signs, but what about the already empty posts being brought back into use?”

Carmarthenshire County Council was unable to provide a comment before press.

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