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Not My President's Day': Thousands Protest at Anti-Trump Rallies Across US

Location of Trump protests happening over President’s Day Weekend. Sam Petulla

“Not My President’s Day — Rally,” Los Angeles


Los Angeles’ “Not My President’s Day” rally was the first of its kind to pop up on Facebook, inspiring many of the other “Not My President’s Day” rallies that are taking place across the country this weekend. The purpose of the Monday rally is to show that President Trump “has attacked every value Californians embody,” according to its Facebook page, where 3,500 have signed up to attend.

“Not My President’s Day — Rally (NYC)” New York

More than 12,000 New Yorkers are said to be attending the peaceful rally while 47,000 said they were interested in going

on Facebook. Kashish Samsi, “Stronger Together” singer; disability activists Elizabeth Melas and Anastasia Somoza; and Youngsters Against Trump are some of the scheduled speakers. Arts for Art and The Resistance Band will be performing, according to Nova Calise, the rally organizer.

“Not My President’s Day Rally (Washington DC),” Washington, D.C.

Members of the D.C. community plan to come together Monday to “stand in support of our brothers and sisters of different nationalities, backgrounds, races, religions, ability and sexual identity,” to show that “Donald Trump’s hate does not have a mandate anywhere, especially not in our District.” Speakers will be

announced on the rally’s Facebook page and Twitter over the weekend, Meghan Loisann Schneider, one of the coordinators, said.

“Not My President’s Day — Rally (Chicago),” Chicago

Unlike the several of the rallies,

one planned for Chicago on Monday claims not to have a specific message, but a pointed purpose: unity.

Focusing on just one issue, like immigration, would serve the administration’s purpose and further divide the country, Laura Hartman, Chicago rally coordinator, explained.

“We want to fight the entirety of the administration,” she said.

Members from the ACLU, the American Federation of Government Employees, Sousaphones Against Hate, and others from NMPD’s partner organizations are scheduled to speak at the event where more than 3,000 people are expected.

There is also a planned reading of Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter to the Senate opposing Jeff Sessions, that

Elizabeth Warren was silenced while reading earlier this month.

“Presidents Day Protest KC,” Kansas City, Missouri

More than a thousand people are

signed up on Facebook for Monday’s rally in Kansas City, Missouri, which bills itself as an “informative gathering to hear from grassroots local and national organizations,” community groups and private citizens.

“Not My President’s Day Rally,” Denver

Hundreds of people plan to attend a

rally at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on Monday. “Let’s show this administration that Denver will continue to denounce these vile policies,” organizers wrote on Facebook.

“Not My President’s Day March,” Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump is

planning this Monday rally and march to Sen. Ron Johnson’s office that hundreds have signed up to attend.

“Not My President’s Day,” Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City’s

Monday sister march has garnered hundreds of attendees. Organizers bill the event as non-partisan “for anyone who objects to any of the harmful policies and fringe issues put forth by the new White House administration.”

“ImPEACH NOW! (Not My) President’s Day March,” Atlanta

Georgia organizers are planning a “peach-ful” march on Monday in Atlanta that hundreds of demonstrators have

signed up for on Facebook.

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