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Activist inspires others through colorful artwork

SEATTLE – “All I ever wanted to do was paint and be a fine artist.”

Adrienne La Faye describes herself as a “colorist” who uses a signature style of bold, bright colors in her works and draws inspiration from her own life. She insists that her entire reason for painting is because of the colors.

“I just believe that colors are everything,” said La Faye. “There are times I get in this zone and I can’t stop painting for like eight, ten hours.”

And getting lost in the art feels natural to La Faye. Her passion lies on the canvas and she knows that it is her life’s calling to be an artist… An artist who paints based on feelings.

“I’m an activist. I believe that part of an artist’s job is to be the narrator of today,” said La Faye. “My painting is about chronicling what is actually going on around in my world, and sometimes it’s not nice, it’s not pretty.”

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