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Activist who claimed he was wrongly arrested after being lured by …

A climate change activist who sued Nottinghamshire Police after he claimed he was wrongly arrested in the build-up to a major demonstration had his case rejected by top judges today.

William Frugal claimed his arrest was secured by an undercover police officer who “acted as an agent provocateur”, luring him into trouble.

But in April 2015 a judge at Nottingham County Court rejected those allegations, holding that the officer involved had acted legitimately.

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Mr Frugal challenged that finding in the Civil Appeal Court, but had his case turned down by Lady Justice Rafferty today.

She related how Mr Frugal was arrested on April 13 2009 at the Iona School, Sneinton, after meeting there with a host of other protestors.

Demonstrators had gathered at the school as the prelude for a demonstration at the Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station.

Mr Frugal was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and kept in custody for around 20 hours until he was released without charge.

He argued there were insufficient grounds for his arrest, and that he was enticed into his actions by the undercover officer who had played a key part in the demo.

But Lady Justice Rafferty, sitting with Lord Justice McFarlane and Lord Justice Hamblen, dismissed his appeal.

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Mr Frugal’s legal team had “failed to demonstrate that he was lured by the undercover officer into committing an offence”, said the judge.

There was no clear evidence that, but for the undercover officer’s involvement, the demonstration would not have been pursued.

There was nothing to suggest that the officer had given false evidence and Mr Frugal faced “insurmountable difficulties” in proving his false imprisonment claim.

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