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Not a protest but an eloquent support of positive values


From Rupert and Lindsey Besley, Newport:

We attended the gathering on January 31 in Newport and are very happy to count ourselves among those whose conduct P. Dobson (CP letters, 17-02-17) finds so nauseating.

It was not, as the letter incorrectly suggests, a protest against President Trump but a demonstration of support for positive values.

The speakers, diverse in age and background, put such points most eloquently. Auschwitz stands as a reminder to all of the consequences of strongman politics and the debt owed to those who stood up to the demagoguery and populist madness of the day.

The selfless courage of so many of that generation has enabled people in this country since to enjoy an unprecedented period of prosperity and peace.

For acts of humanity, few did more than Sir Nicholas Winton and the Kindertransport. Those who found refuge here were not the burden many feared but instead included many who made major contributions to the wellbeing of this country, whether through scientific research, academic study or cultural development.

We make no apologies for wishing to show support for such values and actions in preference to the Donald Trumpetings so admired by P. Dobson.

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