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UPDATED: Two men arrested after police called to protest outside …

TWO men have been arrested this afternoon after police were called to a protest outside of the Eddie Stobart depot.

Police have confirmed that two suspects have been taken into custody on suspicion of trespassing today, Thursday. 

The protesters were arrested at 3pm today but were only detained at around 5pm as the two men were linked together in protest.

Specialist equipment was needed by police to break the linking device. 

Campaigners organised the protest as an anti-fracking demonstration over the work between Eddie Stobart and Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in Lancashire.

The Government approved energy firm Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at the site in October last year.

It started site construction work in February after Lancashire County Council agreed planning conditions had been met.

Protesters arrived at the entrance to the Hawleys Lane depot at 3am.

Campaigner Eddie Thornton said: “Protesters have been here since 3am.

“Two protesters are both locked into a tube and have positioned themselves so it is impossible for commercial vehicles to come in and out of the depot.

“Private cars have been able to come around and some deliveries of NHS equipment has been able to get through.

“Workers have also been able to come in and out.

“We are doing this because Eddie Stobart is delivering to the PNR fracking site over in Lancashire.

“We are asking them – as the ethical company that they say they are – to reconsider their contract with the fracking industry.

“Lancashire Police haven’t made it easy for people to voice their opposition to this industry – they are denying people their right to protest at the site so now people feel as if they have to protest elsewhere.”

Officers were called to the scene this morning.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: “Cheshire Police are aware of a protest currently taking place on Hawleys Lane in Warrington.

“Officers are currently at the scene, the protest is ongoing and there are no reported incidents at this stage.

“The role of the force is to impartially allow for peaceful protesting, whilst ensuring that others can continue in their legitimate business activities, or commuting.

“We will ensure access to emergency vehicles is maintained and try to keep disruption to a minimum.”

A second protest was organised outside of Stretton Green Distribution Park on Langford Way in Appleton Thorn.

Eddie Stobart have been contacted for a comment but have yet to respond.

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