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Mongolians protest over alleged theft of government funds

Hundreds of Mongolians protested in the capital Ulaanbaatar on Friday over the alleged theft of government funds deposited in offshore accounts.

Opposition politicians and civic society activities demanded the return of what some say is $17 billion in funds plundered by ruling party politicians and their influential friends.

They also called on the country’s parliament to establish a special investigation of offshore accounts and pass a law prohibiting public officials, politicians and their family members from holding offshore accounts.

Uyanga Gantomor, chairwoman of a minor opposition party, said there was money sitting in offshore accounts that had been stolen from Mongolians.

“These thieves stole from schools, kindergartens and from your children and from the happiness of your families,” she told the crowd in Ulaanbaatar’s central square. “If they bring their stolen money back to Mongolia, then we can forgive them.”

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