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Prisoner ordered to pay to clean up poo after 'dirty protest'

A man who defecated in a police cell in a ‘dirty protest’ has been hit with fines totalling £145.60 to clear up his mess.

Anthony Boylan pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the cell at Charles Cross police station.

Prosecutor Gareth Warden Anthony told Plymouth Magistrates Court that Boylan, from Higher Broad Lane, Redruth, was arrested at around 7pm on Friday March 24.

He was placed in a cell and later on CCTV he was seen walking over to the door of the cell and dropping his trousers.

He then defecated by the door, which custody officers revealed was done by some prisoners with the aim of getting them to step in the mess when they enter the room.

Mr Warden said Boylan, 44, then urinated all over the door and floor, causing his urine to pass under the door into the corridor. He then spat on the door several times.

Mr Warden said these actions were commonly known as “a dirty protest”. The cell had to be ‘specially cleaned’ by a private firm. During interview, he said Boylan “got frustrated” with being arrested and had later made offers to the custody officers to clean the cell himself.

The chair of the magistrates told Boylan that “dirty protests are disgusting and somebody else has to deal with it. You are responsible for what you did.”

Boylan was fined £80 for the criminal damage, ordered to pay compensation towards the cleaning of £35.60 and the victim surcharge of £30, totalling £145.60. He was told to pay the sum at a rate of £20 a month. The court was told he had fines outstanding totalling £460.

As he left court, Boylan told magistrates: “Sorry to waste your time”.

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