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Haifa Chemicals Workers Protest Ammonia Tank Closure on Eve of …

Photo Credit: Ilan Malester, Ministry of Environmental Protection

The ammonia tank in Haifa.

Hundreds of workers at the Haifa Chemicals company blocked the Geha Junction on Route 4 on Sunday morning to protest the closure of the giant ammonia tank in Haifa Bay.

It was not the first demonstration against the closure ordered by the Haifa Court of Internal Affairs, which decided earlier this year in favor of a petition by the city to close the tank due to the danger it presents as an environmental hazard and security target.


It was closed for a 10-day period and then briefly re-opened upon appeal, but the court ordered its permanent closure pending relocation due to the danger its presence presents to residents.

Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah pointed out in a recent speech the tank presents a perfect target. The Iranian proxy leader said the tank when hit by a missile would be as deadly to Israelis as a nuclear weapon, pointing out that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed by the poison gas that would be released upon impact.

Haifa researchers confirmed the claimed, noting that any leak for any reason would have the same effect.

But the 1,500 employees of Haifa Chemicals at this point are primarily concerned about their jobs and paychecks — especially this week, ahead of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover. They are continuing their protests, demanding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intercede in the matter to come up with the solution that will save their livelihoods.


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