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Meet Ivanka Trump's Neighbor Who Wore a Fur Coat to Toast …

Dianne Bruce chuckles that a photo of her wearing a fur coat and sipping white wine at a neighborhood dance-party protest outside Ivanka Trump’s Washington, D.C., home is the Internet’s latest viral hit.

“I couldn’t resist, it was just great fun, it really was,” Bruce tells PEOPLE in an interview Tuesday. “I love seeing people having fun and doing what they do. It added pizazz to the neighborhood.”

Bruce, who lives across the street from the Kalorama neighborhood mansion that Trump is renting with her husband Jared Kushner and their three young children, says she had heard that a demonstration calling itself the “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!” was planned for Saturday evening. Bruce was inside having dinner with her father when they heard the protestors and walked outside to have a look.

The attention-getting fur was an afterthought—and a practical one, she says: “I went back in, it was chilly enough, and I thought I’d grab the first thing I could find. It wasn’t a statement or anything, it was just neighbors enjoying some fun on a Saturday night.”

Once The Daily Mail Online published her photograph, Twitter, in turn, had some fun with Bruce.

“Aesthetic goals: Ivanka Trump’s neighbor sipping wine in a fur coat as a protest goes down,” one Twitter user wrote. Another quipped that Bruce “is definitely invited to gay brunch.”

Bruce says she watched the demonstrations for 15 to 20 minutes from her front steps and was particularly awed by the “wonderful dancers” performing atop cars that were driven in to lead the crowd.

“They put on quite a show,” she says. “My car was parked on the street and they walked right by it. It was very well done. There was no trash left, and they were gone by 9:30.”

Bruce, a philanthropic fundraiser who has lived in the Kalorama neighborhood for 20 years, says that having the Trump-Kushner family move in has been “a little disruptive.” She’s not the only one who thinks so. The Washington Post reported last month that a dozen neighbors have registered complaints to the D.C. mayor’s office and local Advisory Neighborhood Commission about “No Parking” signs and metal barricades installed outside the Trump-Kushner home.

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Moreover, Bruce tells PEOPLE, “When Ivanka and Jared’s children go to the park, they closed down the whole park so the children can play, that annoys people.”

Ivanka’s house is on a corner, “and they have big ugly saw horses and crowd control-gates all over, and we’re not allowed to walk on the sidewalk,” Bruce says, “and they put a porta potty on the street (for the Secret Service) around the corner.”

The activity around Ivanka’s home has also made street parking even more difficult for residents.

“I don’t know why they picked that house, it’s not a very private house,” Bruce says. “We were all sort of surprised she picked that house.”

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