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Students protest outside Vogue College of Cosmetology

(Source: KCBD)
(Source: KCBD)(Source: KCBD)
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Students protested outside Vogue College of Cosmetology in Lubbock Thursday afternoon, claiming they aren’t getting what they paid for.

Vogue College of Cosmetology is located near the corner of 34th Street and Avenue Q.

One student says there aren’t enough instructors and class sizes are “way” above requirements.

He adds students and past faculty members have written letters to the dean of the school and have yet to receive a response from the school.

“The director is the one that is causing all this mess. We didn’t want to do this. This is something that we didn’t want to do. And if anything, we’re scared. We’re scared out here doing this because he’s threatening us, telling us we’re going to get terminated or suspended,” said protester Joe Delao.

The CEO of the school, Teena Ball, released the following statement:

My number one focus has and always will be providing the best education for our students so that they graduate and become successful in their careers. Our reputation has proven to do just that over the past 9 years in the 5 schools I own in Texas and New Mexico. I am very proud of my Lubbock school and the progress it has made since we opened the doors in Sept. 2015. Anyone who visited the school knows the difference we have made in many lives and that our passion is to educate and graduate successful students. 

While I respect the right of others to peacefully and respectfully express their opinion, I am saddened that anyone is or was unhappy with the education they received at Vogue College. We strive to meet the needs of all students at all times and for the most part, are able to do so but we cannot make all the people happy all the time. Generally, we have a very happy student body and I have spoken to most of them this week and in the weeks past through surveys and in formal meetings. We address concerns as they arise in the school. It’s our job to listen to feedback and improve our education for our students constantly on all campuses and I take that job seriously.

I fully support my Director, AJ Whitaker, and my staff. They are the reason for the school’s success. It’s a fun and an exciting place to be filled with learning practical experiences and theory classes. We have a very active student council that supports the student body and raises money to give our graduates special t-shirts etc from the student body. It’s a positive school.

 I strive to keep all my campuses a safe and positive environment for students.  Students want and need a positive place to learn successfully.  We participate in the community through service learning projects and events and give back to our community. Last year Mr. Whitaker was invited to the Texas Tech Fashion Show with our students providing them the opportunity to experience the runaway fashion styling of hair and makeup on all of the models. This is just one example of extraordinary education we provide above and beyond the classroom and practical salon floor. 

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