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6 arrested after protest against Syria action turns violent

Six people have been arrested in Florida after a protest against U.S. military action in Syria turned violent.

The peaceful protest at a Jacksonville park escalated into a confrontation between demonstrators and their opponents Friday night, according to authorities.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s officials estimated between 100 and 200 people were in the crowd.

However, witnesses said the crowd size was closer to 50, according to Jacksonville.com

Officers said they were punched and kicked as they tried to break up the melee. No one was seriously hurt.

The Jacksonville Progressive Coalition was protesting U.S. military action in Syria when Trump supporters arrived for a counter-demonstration, News 4 Jax reported. 

Six people were arrested, including the protest organizer. 

Arrested were William Thomas Wilder, 74; Robert Gordon Sheffield Jr., 67; Christina Elizabeth Kittle, 27; David Marlow Schneider, 27; Thomas Craig Beckham, 26; and Connell Aubrey Crooms, 26. 

Charges for those arrested include battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting police with violence. 

One person, Wilder, was charged with marijuana possession. 

Crooms was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. Sheriff’s officials say he has been released from the hospital and taken to jail.  

Schneider and Crooms are seen in a video protesting about the Middle East as counter-protester Gary Snow stands next to them with a Trump flag, Jacksonville.com reports.

A skirmish eventually takes place, with Snow shoving Crooms. Crooms later lunges at Snow as he apparently makes a rude gesture, the website says.

Crooms was put in a chokehold by authorities and taken to the ground, according to Jacksonville.com. 

In New York City, seven people were arrested on Friday night as a protest took place in Union Square, according to amNY

Police told the website that they were charged with disorderly conduct. 

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