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Undercover Hippy brings protest music to The Joiners

WITH soulful vocals and infectious reggae rhythms, The Undercover Hippy will be bringing a thought provoking protest in pop to The Joiners on Thursday (May 18).

With a snap general election thrust upon us, there couldn’t be a more appropriate moment for the release of The Undercover Hippy’s new single Rise & Fall.

Speaking about the track, The Undercover Hippy AKA Billy Rowan says: “I got to thinking about how we give these powerful people and institutions more credit than they deserve, as if they aren’t just fallible humans like the rest of us, and how like the Roman Empire, eventually all great civilizations become complacent and corrupt and become victims of their own success.”

The track is the first single on his eagerly anticipated new album Truth & Fiction, coming out later this month. Like much of the album it precedes, Rise & Fall is a call to arms to those who feel powerless in the face of a world seemingly gone mad.

With Truth & Fiction ready to drop this May, The Undercover Hippy is now hitting the road for a series of shows. Backed by his full band, mixing guitars, keys, drums, bass, horns and backing vocals, Billy will once again be bringing UK audiences their renowned high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show.

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