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Folsom residents protest plan to build road through popular nature …

Some Folsom residents are working to stop a proposed plan by the city of Folsom to construct a road through the Hinkle Creek Nature Area.

The city says they need to build the road in order to access and maintain a sewer line in the area.

While some locals agree the line needs to be updated, they say they have a better plan that would save money — and, most importantly, the environment.

“We understand that we can’t allow waste to flow into Hinkle Creek and flow into the American river,” John Combs, a Folson resident who is organizing protests against the city’s plan, told ABC10. “But what we’ve done is we’ve done a lot of research and talked to a lot of experts to confirm an alternative proposal.” 

Their proposal would include more frequent inspections of the sewer and the use of technology to monitor the sewer’s flow. They say this could cost less and, most importantly, protect the wildlife. 

Under the city’s current plan, roughly 77,000 oak trees are expected to be to torn down and many more could be impacted.

The city, however, is adamant that they’ve done their research and that building the road is the best option in order to prevent any spills.

“The reason why the residents need to be supportive of this is because we need to maintain this pipeline,” Folsom’s Vice Mayor Kerri Howell told ABC10. “If we don’t maintain the pipeline, we could have a sewer spill in a very pristine area, and if that happens and the city were to be fined, every rate payer in the city of Folsom would be paying a portion of that fine.”

“So,” she added, “We need to look at the bigger picture and protect all of the residents in Folsom, not just a small group of people that are unhappy about some trees that the city will mitigate for.”

Folsom’s city council is expected to vote on the plan next month.

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