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Parents Protest Over School Trousers Rule

Newton News has received numerous calls from parents of girls attending Woodham Academy over the type of black trousers they are wearing.

Parents say a strict rule is being imposed now, after they have returned to school, having already bought their uniforms for this term.

Some parents have bought black uniform trousers which are being sold specifically as school wear from recognised suppliers.

Below readers will see a response from Woodham Academy and it appears the type of trousers preferred by most girls are in line with current fashion, but not as specified by the school in all their communication with parents and students.

Headteacher Christine Forsyth said: “The vast majority of Woodham Academy students have started the year in perfect uniform and all look extremely smart. It is part of a teacher’s job to ensure that the school policy on uniform, as set out by the governing body, is adhered to.

This policy clearly states that trousers must be traditional school trousers, not skin tight or of a tight-fitting material. We believe that we did everything we reasonably could before the summer holidays to inform parents of these requirements.

“Where there is a problem, we always try to work with parents to find a solution within an agreed time frame.

We welcome parents’ views on whether the policy should be changed to specify a named supplier to avoid any risk of confusion. We would like to thank parents for ensuring that our students are smart and well presented.”

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