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Texas high school coach kicks football players off team for anthem …

A Texas high school coach kicked two players off the football team for protesting during the national anthem.

One of the high school football players kneeled when the anthem came on, while the other raise a fist, according to The Washington Post.

At the end of the song, the coach of the team told the two students that “disrespect will not be tolerated,” said Cedric “CJ” Ingram-Lewis, one of the players protesting.

“He told us to take off our uniform and leave it there,”Ingram-Lewis said.

The coach of the team, Ronnie Mitchem, from Victory & Praise Christian Academy, told The Washington Post that he has a “strong view” of what he thinks is disrespectful as a veteran.

“If they feel strongly about that, that’s something that should be addressed,” Mitchem said.

“But my whole point was, there was a proper time — and I told the team this — there’s a proper time to do something, and a proper way.”

The protests came after President Trump last month attacked players who kneel during the national anthem, spurring a national debate on the NFL protests.

Since Trump’s comments, many players have kneeled or locked arms during the anthem ahead of their games.

Trump has since called for the NFL to put in place a rule that would require NFL players to stand for the anthem.

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